Centreline Downwash Generating [CDG] Wing

Posted: October 26, 2005 by Neeraj in Max Mosely, News

No !! As much as it might sound, it’s not a new dish washer range from Siemens.

CDG Wing, that is Centreline Downwash Generating Wing, a new rear wing designed to increase overtaking, this is very good but it makes the car look quite ugly. Instead of a single wing structure like today’s cars, cars for 2007 will have two separate structures.

In the words of Max Mosely, the FIA President :

This new research is important for the future of Formula One. By introducing the CDG wing we can give motor sport fans exactly what they have asked for, wheel-to-wheel racing with much more overtaking.

OK, now let’s try and figure it out in plain English. Wait a second, you are saying you don’t know what the heck Formula 1 racing is ?? Ok, no problem, then you can skip this entry. No need to unnecessarily burden your brain with things you don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

For those who know Formula 1 or wanna know something about it, read on. The Formula 1 car has a single long rear wing which helps in keeping the rear end pinned to the track on high speeds [that is the aerodynamic thingy]. Now, the air flow generated due to rear wing makes it very difficult for the the car behind to follow closely because it reduces the aerodynamic capabilities of following cars. Thus making overtaking very difficult.

The new proposed CDG Wing will force the air to come off the engine cover and straight to the ground, creating more down force on the following car. Thus making overtaking more easy and bringing more excitement to the racing. The only pitfall, as noted by many people, is it makes the F1 car look extremely ugly.

Image courtsey of http://www.Formula1.com

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