2006 Race Format changes

Posted: October 27, 2005 by Neeraj in News

There are 2 changes in the race formal for 2006. First, FIA has again allowed changes of tyres during the race. Second, a new, so called “An exciting new qualifying format“.

While the tyre change during race is going to make things more interesting. As I see it, just filling the fuel in the F1 car during the race was really damn boring to see, more so because the race team has to just factor in the time needed to fill the fuel. Now with inclusion of tyre changes, it is going to be another factor that will make huge difference in pit-stop stratergies.

Coming to new qualifying format, it is going to be a “Knockout” based format. In summary, all 20 cars will run for 15 minutes. After the end of 15 minutes the slowest 5 cars will be dropped out and will be placed on last 5 places in the grid. In the next leg, the remaining 15 cars will again run for 15 minutes and again the slowest 5 cars will be placed on positions 11-15 on the grid. The last part, where remaining 10 cars will run for 20 minutes, and will decide the remaining 10 grid positions.

There are few more interesting twists thrown in, which at first will appear more confusing than anything.

As I see it, the qualifying format should have been the same used last year. Where all cars are allowed to run 3 laps and the fastest lap times decides the grid positions. Whether the new qualifying system makes things interesting or not is something to look forward.

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