Raceday moving

Posted: November 10, 2005 by Neeraj in News

Today I read somewhere [yes yes I know, but really I did read this somewhere] that Formula 1 Raceday is possibly being moved from Sundays to Fridays !!!


What that means ??

  • I am going to miss half of the Qualifiers & Racedays since I work from my office [which by-the-way ain’t my home] for the races that happens during daytime.
  • I’ll definately miss other half of the Qualifiers since that will happen on Thursday nights and I won’t be able to stay up late since I’ll have to come to office next morning.
  • Will have to remember not to plan anything on Friday nights on Racedays, will definately get some angry stares from friends since we almost always plan outings on Friday nights.

Why fcuk around with the timmings of Raceday ? When they know that it is only going to hamper the viewership !! Please, can’t someone for once use their brains instead of their arse !!!

It just turned out to be just some wild speculations on part of few people. Though it is said that the issue was discussed in F1 meetings but it didn’t got enough votes.

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