Super Aguri announces driver line-up

Posted: February 15, 2006 by Neeraj in News, Super Aguri, Teams

It’s official now!

Takuma Sato & Yuji Ide will be doing the duty for Super Aguri in their SA05 for 2005 Formula 1 season.

Takuma Sato’s name does not comes as any surprise as it was well known that he is going to be one of the drivers. The second driver, Yuji Ide, will be having his first outing with an F1 car. Earlier he had raced in Japanese Formula Nippon Series and came second last year.

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  1. allen says:

    I understand that japanese viewers want to watch japanese drivers, but.. Sato is a watse of space in a F1 seat.

  2. Neeraj says:

    Sato made headlines on his debute 2 years back as mad-dash & bold kinda driver & people loved him then.

    In last season he was a dud! Though some still say it was more because of reliability issues of the car.

    I believe the reliability issues were more with Sato than the car. If I remember correctly he did his part in making sure 2 drivers didn’t complete their race [pun intended].

    Still, he is the best bet in getting a decent driver for a new team with some experience instead of coming out with all new driver lineup. He might prove valuable atleast during testing.

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