Making plans for Silverstone & FAQs

Posted: February 18, 2006 by Neeraj in External, News, RaceTracks, Silverstone

as reported on pitpass

So BRDC [British Racing Drivers’ Club] had an Extraordinary General Meeting regarding the future of Silverstone [read giving it to the Real Estate Horses, really that’s what the partnership of St Modwen & Nothern Racing is literally about].

All said and done, the most interesting aspect was the FAQs that were distributed. Which answered some of the querries the members would be having. There were 3 that caught my fancy.

How will Silverstone be developed?
The nature and scope of any development of the Silverstone estate will be subject to the agreement of an overall "Master Plan" followed by detailed planning. Both of these processes will require the approval of the BRDC. The first phase of development is likely to include Circuit improvement works requested by the BRDC as well as hotel, residential and technology park development.

Ho! Ho! Ho! This is so very interesting. Houses near F1 circut ? I guess BRDC is also planning to either create soundproof houses or they will provide special ear-plugs to all the residents so that they can live in sanity on race weekends & testing days. Even Technology park ? The employees there would be very happy for getting holidays on race weekends & testing days. Or maybe they will design futuristic buildings where shutters close automatically on windows whenever a F1 car comes out on circuit.

But it seems they havn’t done their homework correctly. As there are reports of nearby residents complaining about the high noise that comes from Monza Autodrome.

Will the Circuit be reconfigured?
Probably. Whether the Circuit is reconfigured will depend on a number of factors including the value to the BRDC, St. Modwen and Northern Racing of developing the land, the nature of the proposed development and planning and FIA approval. Members will recall that planning permission was granted in June 2001 for the reconfiguration of the Circuit and St. Modwen may wish to adopt this or a similar scheme.

Probably !! Let’s read between the lines, and it means DEFINATELY !! Otherwise how are they expected to hold Horse Derbey’s ? The mere thought of watching horses running on the circuit does not look pretty or appealing to me.

So you will point out following:

Can Northern Racing turn into a horse racing course?
No. Any proposal to terminate or substantially curtail Motorsport activities at the Circuit will require the consent of the BRDC.

Do you really think a multi-million Pounds deals, one for 150 years [with St Modwen] and other for 25 years [with Nothern Racing], there are not going to be some loop-holes ? Had F1 race-weekends been cost effective wouldn’t BRDC had tried more hard to develop the circuit themselves [after all likes to divest their power & hold on something so important] ? St Modwen & Nothern Racing are going to find ways of earning more and both will eventually do what they does best, the Real Estate Horses.

I am not against BRDC or St Modwen or Nothern Racing in developing Silverstone. Being a constant follower of F1 and given that Sivlerstone is undoubtly one of the best & most enjoyed circuit in a F1 calender, I feel it’s right for me to ask few question. And that’s what I have done.

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  1. Anonymous nitpicker says:

    “querries”, “DEFINATELY”, “derbey’s”. Three reasons I won’t be reading this blog.

    Just thought you’d like to know, so that maybe you can look into a little thing called “spell check”.

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