FIA to bring back 110-percent rule

Posted: February 19, 2006 by Neeraj in External, News, QuickBits

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? Do you really think this [110% rule] will bring more sanity to the qualifiers this year ?

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  2. rhm says:

    This 110% rule (not really bringing it back as your headline implies as it has nothing to do with the old 107% rule), should sort out the “go-slow” problem identified by teams.

    When the new qualifying format was proposed, the idea was that they would weigh the cars before the final qualifying segment and the teams would refuel according to that weight at the end. Thus there would be no need to go slow and no need for this 110% rule. But I guess the FIA decided there wouldn’t be enough time to weigh 10 cars between the segments so they decided to give them a set amount of fuel per lap run in the final segment. What a mess.

  3. Oliver White says:

    Indeed, I would have to agree with rhm above. And if the FIA listened to the fans, then we would have a qualifying system based on the old 12 laps in 1 hour setup, but this time force them out each 15/20 minutes to set a lap or two. Instead, we are left with an overly complicated system that will confuse viewers, and also mean implimentation of the silly 110% rule. Another farce by the FIA, me thinks. It seems they change a rule (and make it more complicated), and then have to play catch-up to close the loopholes before teams take advantage of it.

    Any guesses on the whole V8 vs. limited V10 rule?

  4. Neeraj says:

    Undoubtly the old 12 laps in 1 hour setup was the best, and I still can’t understand why they changed it !

    As for V8 vs. V10, there is again some interesting things happening. Bernie & Mosely are supposed to be not looking at the same picture regarding this whole issue [have posted about it here ].

    Even technically, teams running rev-limited V10’s are always going to have some advantage over V8’s. Undoubtly, it is one of the most absurd rules for this year.

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