Valencia bids for F1 date

Posted: February 24, 2006 by Neeraj in External, News, QuickBits

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With Formula 1 riding an unprecedented wave of popularity in the once-apathetic country due to Fernando Alonso’s success, Valencia is seeking to complement Barcelona by hosting a second Spanish-based grand prix from next season.

There are some concerns that the 2.49-mile layout is too tight and ‘busy’ for F1 cars in race conditions, and the sloping start/finish straight and pit lane are also understood to be an issue – but plans are afoot to make the necessary modifications.

Another new circuit ? Seems F1 is riding the popularity wave like never before, and it is good for the sports & all the fans. Though too much race days will take their toll on drivers & teams. But then, I am not complaining if we get more circuits & more race-weekends.

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  1. Oliver White says:

    It seems a little odd to me that the FIA are continuously saying that costs need to be cut in F1, but are adding new dates to the calendar and encorouging new circuits to get onboard.
    I do hope the FIA aren’t seriously considering removing such circuits as Spa, Monza, Monaco, Silverstone and Imola from the calendar permanantly and replacing with new/alternative ones.

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