F1 doesn’t need Schumi says Bernie

Posted: February 27, 2006 by Neeraj in Bernie Ecclestone, FIA, News, QuickBits

Bernie EcclestoneAs reported on Planet-F1

“No driver, no person will ever be bigger than Formula One itself. It would take two or three races, then we’d have a new superstar,” he told German magazine Sport Bild.

What do you think ? If Schumi retires after his current contract expires, will it make any difference to Formula 1 ?

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  1. sukhi says:

    It will make a hell of a difference. We wont get another super-star until Alonso, Kimi, JPM, Button, Fisi (webber too?) sort it out amongst themselves.

  2. Oliver White says:

    Formula One will continue as it always has done. There have been superstars in the past (Clark, Prost, Senna, Fangio to name just a few) and the sport always finds a way of moving on in their absence.
    I believe Raikkonen and Alonso et al are already there, they need some decent machinery to enable them to dominate.

  3. Neeraj says:

    I believe Schumacher’s importance will depend upon how he performs this season. If Ferrari is again able to regain constructor’s championship with Schumi at helm, it is going to make a difference when he retires.

  4. Oliver White says:

    I’m sure that Ferrari will be affected when Schumacher retires – be it now or in another 10 years. And for sure, German Grand Prix ticket sales may take a slump for a year or two, but overall I think F1 is bigger than any driver. MS didn’t win the championship in 2005, and he had only a handful of exciting races, but F1 managed to pull itself together and pull in some good viewing figures.

  5. sukhi says:

    “I believe Raikkonen and Alonso et al are already there, they need some decent machinery to enable them to dominate.”

    And what planet do you come from? :O

    Rakkonen and Alonso had stonking machines in 2k5.

    F1 will move on, no doubt, but will, for a few years be much poorer withough Schumi. He is, by far, the man to beat.

  6. Oliver White says:

    Sorry, I meant dominate in the way Schumacher did in the Ferrari, completely obliterating the opposition. 😉 2005 saw a strong challenge from two teams, and thus two star drivers. I would have to agree though, Schumacher is the man to beat, but if you put Raikkonen or Alonso in 2004 Ferrari, I’m sure they would have won the title in a similar fashion.

  7. Susi says:

    I really hope, that Schumi will retire after this season- today we saw a good example because he shall: Massa started from the 21st position and in the finish he was P5 and Schumi who started from P14 was at the end 6th. Maybe a new time has started, and it’s no place for Schumacher in here anymore. He has enough money, he is not old, or worse- but the young guys are coming. There are many rumours about Räikkönen in 2007- well, the car seems very competitive this year, just the engiene has a few problems (specially this weekend in Malaysia), and so I see good reasons for Kimi to go to the Scuderia, also because Ron Dennis signed Alonso for next year.
    Well, anyway, I hope that Schumacher will retire- also for him…

  8. Neeraj says:

    The important thing is Massa contract is for 1 year only with Ferrari. Whether it will be renewed or not, is still unknown. I have strong feelings that Kimi might move to the Ferrari next year.

    If that happens, Schumacher’s contract might be extended by another year as many people want to see Kimi & Schumi together in Scarlet uniform racing with each other.

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