Qualifying as “the show” – A1GP shows the way

Posted: February 28, 2006 by Neeraj in Articles, External

Qualifying as “the show” – A1GP shows the way a very good article by RHM on his take on the Qualifying in Formula 1 and what it should learn from A1GP [read it as moving back to it’s roots].

What bothers me is: why do we need such a complex qualifying system? The answer given by all those in favour of changing from the single-lap system was that it would “improve the show”. It’s true that the single-lap qualifying introduced in 2003 was very dull. As far as I remember the reason was that the small teams complained (read: Paul Stoddart complained), that they weren’t getting enough TV time for their sponsors.

I just watched the qualifying for the A1GP Mexico round and it had all the excitement of a classic Formula 1 qualifying session. It reminded me of what we’ve been missing for three years.

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  1. Lazy Drive says:

    Qualifying and f1.

    And how badly it sucls since Mad Max tried to make it entertaining. I’ll quote RHM on it:
    Something that was never mentioned in any discussions about a new qualifying format was the possibility of going back to the old pre-2003 format of 12 laps …

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