Prodrive set to announce F1 entry

Posted: March 1, 2006 by Neeraj in External, News, Prodrive, QuickBits

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Speculation has been rife since the Autosport International show in January that Prodrive boss David Richards – previously involved with the Benetton and BAR teams – was looking to try and put together a Formula One entry of his own, with the man himself admitting to Radio that a return to the F1 paddock was a distinct possibility.

Wow ! Another new entrant next season ? Confirmation will be coming in a day or two. Things are really looking exciting for F1 future.

But does all the current circuits have the capabilities to handle more race teams ?

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  1. Rich Boakes says:

    This is very good news indeed, movng towards what I remember as the good old days when there were 26 cars on track. The extra traffic, as I recall, always made the end of the race that bit more involved, and the outcome less predictable.

  2. rockyjay says:

    Prodrive is planning on to participate the earliest in 2008 season.

    And in addition, according to the new rules, 22 cars are maximum; that’s how many (11) teams the new tracks are able to accommondate.

    Someone must drop out, or they have to bend the rules – again.

  3. Neeraj says:

    Rocky, bending rules is easier than asking one of the teams to drop out. Or one of the teams can give up themselves, though possibility of this is very very low.

    The intersting thing would be to see how older circuts comes up with plans for their infrastructure to accomodate more teams.

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