Vodafone’s F1 bigwig fired

Posted: March 9, 2006 by Neeraj in Ferrari, General, McLaren Mercedes, News, QuickBits, Sponsors, Teams

As reported on House of Sports

Vodafone has fired the man responsible for Formula One sponsorships at Ferrari (2006) and McLaren (2007).

According to the Guardian newspaper, marketing director Peter Bamford was ousted in the midst of a power struggle between the company’s chief executive and chairman.

Will this have any effect on the new deal with McLaren ? I really don’t think so.

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  2. sukhi says:

    unlikely. Big companies generally dont renege on contracts or sponsorships because of just one individual getting fired – even if it was all his doing.

    And F1 is a huge deal for vodafone because of the amount of marketing space it provides. Glad to see those monstrous logos off the scarlet cars.

    Good luck with it, Ron!

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