New Q format won’t be tweaked until July

Posted: March 18, 2006 by Neeraj in BMW Sauber, External, Honda, News, QuickBits, Teams, Williams

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“The new format is certainly exciting and quite tense in the garage and of course with Kimi [Raikkonen]’s accident [last weekend] and the big rush then going out it was certainly quite tricky – it particularly did not work out in Ralf [Schumacher]’s favour,” said Head, when asked about qualifying in the Friday FIA press conference. – Patrick Head, Williams co-owner

I think it is exciting, I love it,” he added. “It is one hour full of action, three runs, and I think it is the best way we ever had. You can always talk about refining it, question of going with or without fuel, how to deal with that, but altogether I really like it.” – Mario Theissen, BMW Sauber Boss

“Well I think it was great fun. It will be interesting to see what the qualifying brings up this weekend,” he continued. “I am sure everybody will learn again for a couple of more races and it will settle down. But it is very busy and there is no room for error and that certainly is a challenge, a challenge we will enjoy.” – Geoff Willis, Honda Technical Director

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