What an amazing qualifers for Nico Rosberg, his second F1 race and he’ll be starting from 3rd grid position behind Fisichella & Button.

Ferrari had engine problems in it’s hands since they changed the engine for Schumacher & Massa both. As a result, Schumacher would be starting from 14th grid position whereas Massa didn’t ran in second round, so he’ll be starting from the back-of-the-grid alongside Coulthard, who also have to change the engine since Red Bull is also using same Ferrari Engine and Ralf Schumacher, whose engine blew after he got provisional pole position at the end of 2nd round.

With Montoya, Räikkönen & Alonso taking 6th, 7th & 8th position respectively, it is said that they were running with heavy fuel load compared to other cars.

The most exciting moment came at the end of first round, when Michael Schumacher reached 16th position and was nearly knocked out at the end of first round.

The exact grid positions of the drivers will be available only tomorrow morning and I am quiet sure it is going to be very complicated given so many engine failures. All in all tomorrow is going to be another exciting F1 race.

For Qualifier Timmings visit The Official Formula 1 Website.

  1. Well, Nico seems to have a bright future , too bad his engine blew up in the race

  2. Neeraj says:

    That’s right, Nico does have a bright future ahead and he seems to be in the right team at the moment.

    I was counting on him to give good fight for 4/5 finish.

  3. sukhi says:

    The guy can put in fast laps. But what about his racecraft?

  4. Neeraj says:

    Ww’ll know about it quiet soon, given that Williams is able to solve the engine problem before next race.

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