Letter to FIA President from F1 manufacturers [GPAM]

Posted: March 24, 2006 by Neeraj in BMW Sauber, External, FIA, Honda, McLaren Mercedes, News, QuickBits, Renault, Teams, Toyota

As reported on sportnetwork.net

Furthermore the 1998 Concorde Agreement provides for the teams as stakeholders in the sport to have a significant role in its governance. These provisions appear to have been removed from the latest proposals submitted by the FIA post 2007 and we would ask that provisions to accommodate these concerns be taken into account in the draft 2008 Sporting Regulations to be approved by the World Motor Sport Council.

In addition to the above we do have a number of other concerns which we would also wish to discuss with you which include the restriction on testing (Article 63 (b)), the engine ballast penalty (Article 86 (a)) and the new gear box rules (Article 87). We believe that changes could be made to the provisions which would better achieve the FIA’s three objectives set out in your 15th March 2006 letter.

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