Cheat scandal threatens GP

Posted: March 29, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, External, Ferrari, FIA, Honda, Michael Schumacher, News, QuickBits, Teams

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Some warned last week they would come to Albert Park armed with similar devices unless they were outlawed, throwing the policing of the rules into chaos.

They threatened to protest against Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari after the race, claiming it had flexible aerodynamic devices, unless action was taken by the FIA.

Although the German’s car had been inspected and ruled legal, the FIA later requested alterations to its design for Albert Park. Rival Honda claimed any moveable aerodynamic device would improve lap times by about three-tenths of a second – a massive margin in F1 terms.

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  1. Simon Lawrence says:


  2. Simon Lawrence says:

    M Schumacher is a cheat and always has been, since his F3 days and inclucing taking out Damon Hill who would have been world champ.

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