My Kimi-Schumi Story

Posted: April 17, 2006 by Neeraj in Articles, Drivers, Editorials, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Grapervine, Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher

I have been contemplating these “wild-thoughts” for quiet a few days now. And given the direction that events are going by, at least one of my “wild-thoughts” seems to be not so wild after all.

I was thinking on the lines of Kimi moving to Ferrari, then what would be the ideal scenario. If [and that is still a big IF], Kimi does move to Ferrari next season, then I didn’t see any sense in Schumi’s contract not getting renewed. Mainly because Ferrari would not miss a chance of racing both Kimi & Schumi wearing scarlet dress given the number of fans that are so very much interested in seeing that happen[I for one is hell-bent on it].

So if Kimi & Schumi does race together next year, what will happen to Massa ? Another wild thought of Ferrari racing second team. With Massa & Rossi at the helm. That again IF Rossi decides to move to F1, which I feel he will.

Now given the speculations of Schumi signs new two-year deal with Ferrari? and Raikkonen move to be confirmed this weekend? which again speculate his move to Ferrari next season, I think my first “wild-thought” is going in right direction. As for second “wild-thought”, well, it still is a wild-thought.

So what do you think ? Am I thinking in right direction or you have your own Kimi-Schumi Story?

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  1. iceman says:

    kimi & schumi the best 4ever!!!!!

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