Jenson to give Honda a motivational talk

Posted: April 24, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, External, Honda, Imola, Jenson Button, News, RaceTracks, Teams

As reported on

Jenson Button is heading back to Honda Racing’s headquarters in Brackley, near Northampton, this morning [Monday] in a bid to boost the team’s morale with a motivational speech after his San Marino Grand Prix was ruined by botched pit stops.

“I will be going to the Honda factory on Monday and hopefully everyone will be there. We will have a little chat about how things are going so far this year. It will be a sort of motivational speech. I’m sure everyone needs it. Hopefully it will make a difference.”

“We have made mistakes but it’s not from being slack or not trying hard enough,” he said. “It’s just motivational really, so they know that I’m still very positive and giving everything and not going to sit back and think it doesn’t matter any more. They know that I’m still pushing, that’s why I’m going in to tell them that and make sure they feel the same way.”

Yes Jenson, Honda pit-crew does need a lot of “Pep Talk” after giving you a new “Lollipop” to taste.

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