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As is Spanish custom, there is a second surname on world champion Fernando Alonso’s birth certificate. It is ‘Diaz’ – his mother’s maiden name.

McLaren charger Kimi Räikkönen, meanwhile, has a second first name; separated with a hyphen, the 26-year-old Finn was actually born ‘Kimi-Matias Räikkönen’.

Bet you didn’t know that MF1’s Portuguese racer is actually called ‘Tiago Vagaroso da Costa Monteiro’. Or that the feisty Colombian in the McLaren cockpit is officially Juan Pablo Montoya-Roldan.

David Coulthard’s middle name is the slightly odd ‘Marshall’, while fellow Brit Jenson Button has two – ‘Alexander’ and ‘Lyons’. ‘Goncalves’ is Brazilian Rubens Barrichello’s middle name.

No! There is not mention of Michael Schumacher having any middle name.

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