Safety bar to F1 expansion

Posted: April 28, 2006 by Neeraj in External, FIA, Max Mosely, News

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“The problem is that we limited it to 12 for reasons of safety and so there would have to be changes to the pits, changes to the garages, changes to some of the circuits to have more than 12,” Max Mosely said. “But if all the organisers and promoters want to make the investment, there’s no fundamental reason why it shouldn’t be done.

“I would like to see that. I would like to see the possibility of the last two dropping out and two new teams coming in, at least the possibility of that. But again, that needs thought and discussion,” Mosely said.

“The ideal, I reckon, is what we had some years ago which is 30 people went out to qualify and 26 got to start. Or 30 qualify and 24 start.”

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  1. Spud says:

    Talk about a dream team! Would be great to see Schui and Kimi racing against eachother. If Ferrari can give them a semi-decent car, it would be an epic battle

  2. sukhi says:

    Safety? How on earth is a few more cars gonna change the safety aspect for the worse? The blooming idiot’s shooting his mouth off as usual.

    The better reason to restrict teams is that I, as a viewer wouldnt know that the hell is happening – and the TV production guys are bad enough with 20 cars!

    Its gonna be almost like bike racing – where, they’re too closely packed and the commentators cant talk to save their arse(god knows school kids would do better!)- and as much as 2 guys on bikes less than a few inches apart doing 300+ on the straight and corners at 150+ cant really compensate for all the idiocy that goes on, off the track!

  3. Neeraj says:

    Sukhi, safety as in what you wrote:

    Its gonna be almost like bike racing – where, they’re too closely packed…

    And not to forgot the explosive-new-kids-on-the-block that are going to come in [read Yuji Ide].

  4. sukhi says:


    I meant it in the context of TV production, not safety.

    Bear in mind

    1. the same GP track can hold more bikes than cars – the widest track can hold 3 abreast at one time, but racing lines for bikes are more than one – which means more action. For cars there’s really only one racing line – so 3 abreast is really only around the widest corners, under ideal conditions – which dont exist anyhow!

    2. Ide is an aberration. Check out the generation that entered as the millenium started:

    Now how many of those really were crash-meisters? 2 at best – Sato and Massa – and both have been much improved since then, havent they? And we have a WDC and a 2nd placer among them

    All drivers come through the racing ladder – no one comes off a station wagon and onto the race track – so I expect Ide to be exception than the norm.

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