Ide unlikely to make F1 return

Posted: May 23, 2006 by Neeraj in Aguri Suzuki, Bahrain, Drivers, Formula-One, Franck Montagny, RaceTracks, Super Aguri, Teams, Yuji Ide

As reported on HomeofSport

The fledgling team's boss, Aguri Suzuki, admitted that the language barrier played a notable role in 31-year-old Ide's struggle earlier this year, and subsequent loss of his Super License credentials. 'He'd done just 200 kilometres in an F1 car before Bahrain,' said the Japanese.

Aguri Suzuki, who has temporarily replaced Ide with Franck Montagny, told Britain's F1 Racing magazine: 'Because he's so inexperienced ... even I found his answers hard to understand.'

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  1. Sokudo-San says:

    There is a massive problem with the way Japanese drivers careers seem to go. They stay too long in Japan and spend most of their careers racing on Japanese national circuits rather than racing in Europe. Sato was lucky enough to make a move to the U.K fairly early on in his career which has strenghened his abilities no end.
    Ide never stood a chance as he was an amatuer driver racing for an amatuer team. He didnt have enough pre-season testing in the car which would have enabled him to get a feel for the machine and the sport.
    Ide may not be the fastest, but it will be a shame if he isnt given a proper chance to show his worth.

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