The Schumi-Gate

Posted: May 30, 2006 by Neeraj in controversy, Drivers, Ferrari, FIA, Formula-One, Michael Schumacher, Monaco, Qualifiers, RaceTracks, Teams

The FIA’s Statement:

“Having set a fast time in sector one, the driver lost time in sector two, arrived at Turn 18 at a speed little, if any, different from his previous fastest lap, and braked with such force that his front wheels locked up, requiring the driver to regain control of the car.

The driver ultimately did so without hitting the barrier on the outside of Turn 18. The engine of the car subsequently stalled, with the result of the car partially blocked the track.

Having compared all relevant data, the stewards can find no justifiable reason for the driver to have braked with such undue, excessive and unusual pressure at this part of the circuit, and are therefore left with no alternatives but to conclude that the driver deliberately stopped his car on the circuit in the last few minutes of qualifying, at a time at which he had thus far set the fastest laptime.

The video showing Schumi’s qualifier drive

So what are your views on the matter ? Was it delibrate or just another driver trying a little too hard ? Feel free to write down your thoughts.

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  1. Ankit Sud says:

    No matter what anyone says, i cant believe that schumi can cheat

  2. sukhi says:

    they showed the video thrice – all on normal speed – no way for anyone to compare and arrive to a conclusion.

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