Poll: In Monaco qualifying, did Schumi stopped delibrately ?

Posted: June 5, 2006 by Neeraj in controversy, Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Michael Schumacher, Monaco, Polls, Qualifiers, RaceTracks, Teams

Poll Results

And the results say the story.

Majority of votes[18 votes/40.91%] found Michael Schumacher guilty of the stopping deliberately in Monaco qualifiers, whereby 20.45% people [9 votes] stood with him, not ready to believe that he could do something like this.

25% of the people [11 votes] are of people like me, who saw & heard about everything that happened and believe that he “might” have stopped deliberately, but still are not 100% convinced. And rest 13.64% [6 votes] decided not to get their hands dirty!

I am not going to give a verdict here, since like most of you I don’t have seen the “evidence” which prompted the stewards to pronounce him guilty. In other words, I don’t believe myself to be capable enough to put in a final word from these stats point of view.

The results are in front of you, to make your own judgement. Feel free to have your say.

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  1. sukhi says:

    I’m not convinced polls actually work here. Especially when he was mostly convicted before being tried.

    considering the amount of footage we got to see, i’m pretty much in the cant say camp. Especially since the footage is the only thing really, that we can see.

  2. Mikey boy says:

    I saw the TV coverage & I have NO DOUBT Schumi knew exactly what he was doing. Is this becuase he’s German? No, why should it make any difference?

    On its own this incident would be suspicious, but given the trail of similar tactics used by this dangerous idiot over the years the evidence is conclusive. IMHO he would have received MUCH WORSE if he wasn’t one of the top drivers in F1. Can you imagione what would have happened to a 2nd or 3rd level driver had done this to Schumi? There’d be blood on the track, yet he gets preferential treatment & quite probably the minimum possible punishment. So he’s posted the fastest lap yet? So what, practise wasn’t over & he knew it.

    Schumi has always lived in denial, saught excuses & pointed the finger elsewhere for his cheatin ways, from the days he began racing carts to, in my estimate, his very last race & beyond into retirement.

    He is a shining example of those who will win no matter what the cost, in fairness, reputation or (other peple’s) blood. All I can say is when he raced off the track against Damon Hill & rejoined in a wildy dangerous maneouver I’m glad no one was hurt. I remain, however, convinced that other people’s safety has never been any concern of his in regard to his desire to win at any way the can.

    Senna was always agressive, but Schumi is a cheat & will stay that way.

  3. vishal says:

    schumi us a living legend, a true champion, a phenom, a master…. and certianily when people like schumi acheive wat others cant even imagine in their wildest dreams they get jealous try to pull them (schumi) down… that is wat is happening with schumi right from the start till date… he is unbeatable on the track and therefore these jealous fools go for these antics and try and console themselves……….

  4. James says:

    If you really wanted it not to look deliberate then he should have shunted the wall. Put a new nose on which wouldn’t go against Parc Ferme and he would have gotten away with it. Nice job making it look so deliberate. Pathetic! I agree with Mikey Boy completely. This is just one of many on his cheap shot list. What scum… sure hope none of his kids race!

  5. Carthik says:

    If you’ve read about the incident as much I have, you would know that the bloody telemetry showed he lost control of the car 2 corners ago. And monaco is not a track where you can let go and slide in to the run off area. There is no run off! So by Rascasse, his line was completely comprimised and after hitting the high kerb his engine stalled. He didn’t stop, his engine stalled because they aren’t designed to run at low speeds (for all the dimwits.) and so obviously even a 7 time champion can’t continue his lap once the engine stalls. But he can use the brakes to stop his car before it hit the barrier.

    The most important thing to note is that he had the fastest first sector time of the whole session. So, it was his proper flying lap… that’s the reason he was driving at the limit. The FIA punished him cuz of bloody politics… Since that mistake spoilt potential times of a lot of other teams, they had to penalise ferrari to ensure calm in the pits… over justice.

  6. Taker says:

    To Mikey Boy:

    Yeah Senna was aggressive and Michael is a cheat.
    Senna was aggressive when he said that he would punt off Prost and doing exactly that during the race, whereas Michael always cheated.
    Im a Schumi fan and I agree that he was been unsporting a lot of times during his career. But one thing I cant understand is, How come Michael is a cheat, scum and all that whereas Senna is a legend , aggressive and all those things? Surely, there is something called objectivity. I wouldnt have argued with your post if you hadnt mentioned Senna in your post. But by pointing out Senna and then calling Michael a cheat, you have exposed yourself as one of those many people who just cant stand Michael and feel that he doesnt deserve his success.

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