Schu will face GPDA inquisition

Posted: June 8, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, External, Ferrari, Formula-One, Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, Monaco, RaceTracks, Silverstone, Teams, Williams

As reported on dailyF1news

Mark Webber has confirmed speculation that the drivers’ ‘GPDA’ union will require Michael Schumacher to explain his Rascasse moment to rivals at Silverstone this week.

”We will see what he wants to tell us as fellow professionals about why he stopped,” Williams’ 29-year-old Australian driver told the Sun newspaper in England

Veteran of 256 grands prix Riccardo Patrese, who once was the German’s teammate (1993), said: ”Who do they think they are, going to heavily against a seven time champion? People say F1 is in a crisis; of course it is, with people like these.’

I believe enough is enough ! Stretching an issue uselessly will only hamper the sport. Even if he made a mistake, he was punished appropriately, end of story. PERIOD.

And why is Webber bouncing so much ? Shouldn’t he be concentrating more, alongwith Williams, on sorting out their engine problems first & winning a race before pointing fingers at others.

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  1. sukhi says:

    webber was the only one to say “maybe he made a mistake”.

    The stewards dint think so, and punished Schumi.
    Now, the question is, what do the GPDA want?

    A 7-time champ has enormous clout – more so if a team like Ferrari back him. But that can also be a liability.

    So would they want someone accused of/punished for cheating on board?

    They’ve a right to decide it. But if things arent hunky-dory not having someone like schumacher can make or break it.

  2. Neeraj says:

    If I am write, some drivers are hell-bent on Schumi resigning as Director & President of GPDA.

    The interesting thing here is Mark Webber was also one of the 4 Directors, but stepped down due to difference with Schumi [Now I know the reason for his jumping-around-waving-his-hands-in-air about the whole issue].

    As for Ferrari, they had to stick behind Schumi for the benefit of both. Unless Kimi really signed for Ferrari next season, their hopes of winning World Championship areon the shoulders of Schumi.

  3. Ankit Sud says:

    Mark Webber needs some cheap publicity, and this is a way to get it, the findings at Monaco were all circumstantial evidence, still Schumacher was given a punishment, What more do you want ?

  4. Samir says:

    This is the least that the GPDA should do. After all, it is in their, and Schumacher’s interest, to present an “official” version of events.

    Is this “inquisition” warranted ?

    Absolutley. After all, most of the F1 sporting world found his actions questionable. Being a 7-time world champion carries no weight here at all.

  5. Neeraj says:

    First off, I don’t understand what’s the connection being the President & DIrector of GPDA got to do with the whole issue !!

    The core purpose of GPDA is to ensure the safety of the driver, and he didn’t put life of any of the driver in danger !! Mixing the two issues is just childish.

    As for Villeneuve, he better look at himself and deliver on the race track before making any statements.

  6. Jay says:

    If they review the Monaco qualifying tape again to that corner where he stalled- Schumacher clearly had a stall then he tried to turn away from the wall. Like he says, people should know who he is and what he is by now after all these years of racing. “Webber thinks some of the criticism of Schumacher is personal rather than directly related to any safety issues.” This was a direct quote from on 6/9/2006. He also clearly had the fastest lap time in qualifying and during the actual race, no reason to slow down anybody’s time.

    I can’t believe Jacques Villeneuve made this quote, “If you try to make people believe that you didn’t do it on purpose then you just look stupid.” On purpose he says? Any professional racer who has won multiple first podiums for many years wouldn’t have to be afraid of acknowledging real mistakes.

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