Coulthard hints at Ferrari Talks

Posted: June 9, 2006 by Neeraj in David Coulthard, Drivers, External, Ferrari, Formula-One, Red Bull, Teams

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David Coulthard has dropped a broad hint he has held discussions with Ferrari regarding a drive for next year.

When questioned on the matter, Coulthard replied: “It’s inevitable that everyone has to know what the market place offers. “Looking at Ferrari from the outside they’ve one driver scoring some serious points and the other not.

Coulthard knows, though, that alone will not sway opinions, adding: “It’s silly to suggest people will decide on putting someone in a car based on one result. “I’ve a history of consistency, scoring points and I’ve won a few grands prix, and the team know what I do on track and with engineers back at the factory.

WOW!! That’s some news ! But I really don’t believe DC could move over to Ferrari, specially when RBR chief earlier hinted at renewing his contract. And IF Kimi would move to Ferrari, I don’t see an empty seat there for DC.

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