Mosley wants F1 to go green

Posted: June 9, 2006 by Neeraj in Engines, External, FIA, Formula-One, Max Mosely, Polls

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“If we are going to have a high-technology Formula One then the research should be devoted to areas which contribute something to society,” he said at Silverstone today.

He is proposing a system for 2009 which would convert wasted energy into a power boost, and for 2011 onwards wants engines restricted by the amount of fuel they use, rather than their size.

Mosley also challenged the teams to come up with a formula for restricting fuel use in exchange for a free rein on engine design, with an extension of his engine freeze threatened if no proposal is forthcoming.

“At the end of homologation period we would like a different engine formula, where the limit on power is not engine capacity but by the amount of energy consumed,” he added.

Okay!! Here he goes again. For the first time, I see some sense in his engine-freeze proposal, would be looking forward for more details to come in before I take my finals stand on it. As for introduction of power-boost in f1, I am all game for it.

But going by his plans, by 2011, Formula 1 will no more be known as “ground for cutting-edge technology”, it would be rather known as “ground for road technology”.

And with that, wishing you all a happy race weekend !

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  1. […] The unofficial F1 Blog is reporting that he has decided that copying the MotoGP way of doing things is perhaps right. In MotoGP they have an engine size limit (currently 1ltr, but soon to become 800cc), and a fuel allowance limit (27ltrs, soon to become 23ltrs), but besides these two limits the manufacturers are free to do whatever they like, and generate as much horsepower as they can (between 230-270bhp in the modern bikes)m they can run traction control, ABS, active suspension whatever. […]

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