McLaren is F1’s biggest spender

Posted: June 16, 2006 by Neeraj in BMW Sauber, F1-Budget, Ferrari, Formula-One, Honda, McLaren Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, Sponsors, Spyker MF1 Racing, Super Aguri, Teams, Toro Rosso, Williams

DollarsAs reported on Wheels24

Business F1 magazine contends that the Woking-based outfit [McLaren-Mercedes], spending a reputed $400m a year, pips the Japanese carmaker [Toyota], at $393m to the dubious post.

Interestingly, though, Phillip Morris’ sponsorship of Ferrari, at $97m a year, amounts to more than the annual budget of any of the final three teams.

The spending per team is as follows:

  • McLaren Mercedes: $400M
  • Toyota: $393M
  • Honda : $382M
  • BMW Sauber: $378M
  • Ferrari: $329M
  • Renault: $300M
  • Red Bull Racing: $201M
  • Williams: $134
  • Super Aguri: $95M
  • Midland F1: $76M
  • Scuderia Toro Rosso: $66M

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  1. Roy says:

    I can’t believe Williams are so low..

  2. sukhi says:

    I dont believe williams are that low either.

    But the other budgets seem okay. It’s telling that the top 2 teams are not the largest spenders. And that BAR/Honda and Toyota for all their spending hav nought to show for.

  3. Neeraj says:

    Eversince BMW moved away, the financial position of Williams has been in speculation. But still, it came quiet a surprise to me as well. I was expecting Williams to be somewhere around 200M mark.

  4. autonews says:

    Only 66 for Toro Rosso ?

  5. Dileepa P says:

    Hey, I think Super Aguri spends more than just $95$ :). I think that’s a typo – should be $95M.

  6. Neeraj says:

    Thanks for pointing out the typo Dileepa 🙂

  7. Loud Howard says:

    I think that’s an accurate figure for Williams. They’ll get an extra $20M from AT&T next season though…

  8. […] which is a rich sport where the top teams spend between 300 and 400 million dollars a year (hat-tip thef1blog), that’s a fair amount of […]

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