Full car upgrade for Williams

Posted: June 20, 2006 by Neeraj in aerodynamics, Cosworth, Engines, External, Formula-One, Montreal, RaceTracks, Teams, Williams

WilliamsAs reported on crash.net

Williams have revealed that they will deploy ‘upgraded’ FW28’s at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, as they look to make progress and add to the ten points they have notched up to date.

“We have a full car upgrade for Canada in the shape of front and rear wings, winglets, nose and diffuser revisions which were all tested and successfully signed off at the Monza test,” confirmed Williams technical director, Sam Michael.

“Cosworth will install two fresh CA2006 Series 4 engines for the Canadian Grand Prix, as scheduled,” added Cosworth’s head of F1 race engineering, Simon Corbyn. “Results from last week’s Monza test are directly relevant to Montreal and this data will now be used to define the engine control system calibrations for the event. Montreal features notoriously tough braking events and so we’ll be working closely with Williams to optimise the engine braking settings for this circuit.”

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