Button Out to Improve

Posted: June 22, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, External, Formula-One, Honda, Indianapolis, Jenson Button, Montreal, Monza, RaceTracks, Rubens Barrichello, Teams

As reported on sportinglife.com

The Englishman has scored points just once in the last four races, with his plight hitting a new low on home ground at Silverstone two weeks ago when he retired after starting 19th. But he hopes to leave Honda’s poor form in Europe and enjoy an upturn in fortunes for Formula One’s North American double-header, starting this weekend in Montreal before the trip to Indianapolis.

“Our car seems to be well-suited to the track. It’s a medium downforce circuit which requires much less wing than we have run in the last few races and the car seems to work well on that wing level.

Button set the fastest lap in testing at Monza last week and his team-mate Rubens Barrichello is taking encouragement from an extensive three-day test session.

Hmm …. one, two, three …. nine, tenth …. ! What the heck !! I have lost count of how many times he talked about going “Out to Improve” !! Why don’t he learn from his old mistakes and for a change keep his mouth shut and perform in next 2 races first !!

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  1. I, for one, really enjoyed seeing Kimi rape the High Holy Christ out of Jenson at Hockenheim today. It was solid gold….


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