Michelin says no to F1

Posted: June 23, 2006 by Neeraj in Formula-One, Michelin, Tyres

MichelinAs reported on grandprix.com

“Michelin has continually made its belief known that Formula 1 should, as motorsport’s cutting edge discipline, be an arena where the most advanced technologies can do battle in the interest of motoring. In this respect, the changes in the Formula 1 rules to bring in a single-tyre supplier go completely against these principles…..

“As a result Michelin will not reply to the FIA tender for tyre supply in Formula 1. It does not wish to be seen to support the spirit of this tender at a time when the quality of its tyres has been amply demonstrated and appreciated but its partners, with a total of 99 Grand Prix wins over the years, under whichever rules have been in place.”

It’s really sad ! One of the most competitive tyre companies leaving Formula 1. I always thought Michelin had a strong possibility of becoming the sole tyre supplier.

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  1. sukhi says:

    Michelin had been saying the same thing for long, nothing new really. Its Max that needs to be fired, why isnt Bernie or anyone trying to do that?

  2. autonews says:

    That’s righr, sukhi.
    F1 News

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