Honda ‘over-promised’ – DC

Posted: June 27, 2006 by Neeraj in David Coulthard, Drivers, External, Formula-One, Honda, Jenson Button, Teams

As reported on DailyF1News

“Honda are having troubled times,” David Coulthard said. “In many ways I think the team were promising before they had delivered anything. The team put too much expectation on themselves and the drivers when they had not even won one race.”

Thank God !! After all these days, someone finally came up and said the truth. Though not the Honda or Button, who has been making statements after statements of making a come back. And I have always said that a driver is only as fast as the car he is driving [and vice versa is true as well].

Personally I have nothing against JB, even I think he is a good driver, but what I don’t like is making statements without showing the performance where it matter most [on the circuit that is].

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