Coulthard says stop apologising

Posted: June 30, 2006 by Neeraj in David Coulthard, Drivers, External, Formula-One, Indianapolis, RaceTracks

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“We’ve said out sorries and I don’t see why the American fans deserve more apologies than some other races which have not been particularly good,” Coulthard told British journalists at Indianapolis. “It was an unfortunate situation but those who bought tickets have had their money back and we’ll just go and do the best we can. If the Americans enjoy it, great, if they don’t then so be it,”.

Ho Ho Ho !! Strong words from a man who felt ‘disgusted’ to be connected to Formula 1 last year at same place !! Change of hearts some ??

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  1. Sukhi says:

    I think he’s right on the money here.
    Quite often just because the US is the biggest economy most folks in F1 world fawn at how big an audience they might get etc., when its clear most arent even interested in this kinda racing – they’d rather have manufactured thrills aka nascar et al.

    There has been enuf apologies, now everyone shud get on wid it.

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