Canada GP – First-Hand Experience

Posted: July 3, 2006 by Neeraj in Editorials, External, Formula-One, Montreal, RaceTracks

Farzad Bakhtiar [who maintains F1 Blog] was the lucky one to be present at this year’s Canadian GP [and this is the 20th Canadian GP he went to]. He posted his First-Hand Experience on his blog:

The race itself was pretty fun. I was surrounded by Americans who took every chance to poke some fun at Scott Speed. I’ve only ever seen the first corner of a race a few times in all the races I’ve attended. The action is frantic and it’s hard to take it all in as everyone is jumping out of their seat and pointing at the track. This time the front runners got away clean but everyone was cheering like mad when Kimi took the position away from Fisi. On the very next lap we saw Montoya and Rosberg come out of turn 14 side by side and drag down the front straight and into the Senna Curve still running side by side. The crowd let out a huge gasp when we saw the outcome of that battle on the big screen just past where were sitting.

So head over to his blog and read his experience. Also checkout the images & video’s he took.

Gilles Villenevue Circuit, Montreal

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