McLaren replace Montoya with De la Rosa

Posted: July 11, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Formula-One, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren Mercedes, Pedro de la Rosa, Teams

Pedro De La RosaAs reported on reuters

“Team McLaren Mercedes and Juan Pablo Montoya have mutually agreed for him to step down in the forthcoming races of this year’s Formula One World Championship,” McLaren said in a statement. “The team has decided that Pedro de la Rosa will join Kimi Raikkonen in the race driver line-up.”

Goodbye JPM! We will definately miss your let-me-try-to-fly-over-that-car driving. We will also miss to see you taking out 8 other F1 cars in one shot [no comments about NASCAR though].

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  1. Kon says:

    Yes we will miss only 1 mclaren arriving at the finish. Also the funky spinouts on the warm up lap, oh and the “it wasn’t my fault” stories. Actaully I am not generally sarcastic. I’m not gonna miss JPM for 1 second. Bye bye, have fun bashing nascars around.

  2. dzeta says:

    Hmm… I don’t know what I’ll miss most: the anger towards him when he gratuitously crashed in 2005, depriving McLaren of a title; the feeling of despair when watching him qualify; or the hope that whenever he crashed his car, maybe by some (irrational) law of averages, Kimi would finish.

    On the good side: gone is the nuisance of the far too vocal and much too uneducated (F1/driving) followers he brought.

  3. Michael says:

    I have long thought that Kurt Busch would be the perfect addition to Formula 1. He would fit in well among whiny, over-rated drivers who engage in the utterly dull racing that calls itself the World’s Greatest. I wonder if it would still be possible to work a trade. Personally, I look forward to seeing Juan Montoya and his fans compete for the Nextel Cup.

  4. Neeraj says:

    Some really strong words, and right-fully so. As someone wrote, NASCAR cars does not cost as much as F1 cars, so JPM will have ball of a time bashing them around.

    Michael, pardon me for my lack of knowledge related to NASCAR [it starts and end at this article], hence I don’t know anything about Kurt Busch. Maybe if I decide to follow JPM’s illustrious career in future [that is if I went bonkers], I’ll be more equipped to comment on that.

    As for the dull race, yes it does happens from time to time, but we also get to see what F1 is all about from time to time and it [at least for me] makes up for those dull races.

  5. David V says:

    I have been a follower and enthusiastic supporter of JPM since his days in open-wheel racing in the USA. Owing to his career in the US prior to making hte leap to F1, he was the closest thing to an American driver F1 had seen.

    Alas, his impulsive jump to the LTOR (left turn only racing) league loved by so many American dolts finally confirms what I had slowly come to strongly suspect in the past 2 years: Juan Pablo Montoya is an idiot.

    NASCAR is that league where they paint the numbers real big on the cars so the children and illiterate adults who watch don’t have to learn to read the drivers names. The announcers shout things like “Here comes the Number Twenty car!”. I’d rather watch chess.

    Good luck you clown. Have fun following the safety car around. You’ll be a circus oddity, the foreigner, and not even the main sideshow freak. What’s going to happen to those Colombian cojones the first time you’re beaten by that hottie Danica Patrick? Welcome to global anonymity.

    I hope Scott Speed turns lives upto his billing.

  6. Neeraj says:

    NASCAR is that league where they paint the numbers real big on the cars so the children and illiterate adults who watch don’t have to learn to read the drivers names.

    Very well said David. I never really liked NASCAR [tried watching it a few times], never understood what fun people get in it, except when they bang each other’s cars.

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