Honda Racing F1 officially launch new wind tunnel

Posted: July 13, 2006 by Neeraj in aerodynamics, Formula-One, Honda, Teams

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Honda Racing F1 Wind Tunnel

Honda Motor Company today celebrated the launch of its newest facility in the United Kingdom, a state of the art wind tunnel at the Honda Racing F1 Team’s Operations Centre in Brackley, Northants.

The new facility effectively provides the Honda Racing F1 Team with an in-house ‘test track’ – a fully automated, fully instrumented testing facility able to accommodate one of the team’s full-size RA106 race cars. The tunnel can generate a wind speed of 80 metres per second (the equivalent of 180mph), driven by the 5.3m diameter fan and its 16 rotating and 27 static blades, and is powered by a 2263kW electric three-phase induction motor, generating 43560N.m of torque at 495rpm. The rolling road is also capable of running at 80 metres per second.

Well, one less excuse for JB & Honda F1 for not delivering what they have been promising for so long.

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