Todt plays down Ferrari revival

Posted: July 13, 2006 by Neeraj in Ferrari, Formula-One, Indianapolis, Jean Todt, Magny Cours, Michelin, RaceTracks, Renault, Teams, Tyres

Jean TodtAs reported on dailyF1news

Jean Todt has played down media reports that Magny Cours will be the start of a rejuvenated push by Ferrari for the 2006 world title, with supposedly nearly $30m of extra funds.

”But I would not say the new parts can be defined as significant in terms of performance,” he insisted. Todt also expects Renault to re-join the battle on home territory. ”Here in France,” he explained, ”I think we will find that our main rivals will be more competitive once again.”

Even we agree that Indianapolis was more like a-flash-in-pan given the conservative strategy of Micheline. But Magny Cours is going to be a completely different ball game altogether. What good use the additional $27M will offer will be seen over couple of next races.

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