Schumi says NASCAR is boring

Posted: July 14, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Indianapolis, Magny Cours, Michael Schumacher, NASCAR, RaceTracks, Teams, Tyres

Michael SchumacherAs reported on

“What’s exciting about NASCAR?” Michael Schumacher asked. “I can’t see it, running around in ovals. I just don’t see the challenge in it for me. Personally I wouldn’t do it.”

On Ferrari’s chances of winning in Magny Cours

“I hope we can be as competitive here as in Indy,” began the German. “To be honest, it all depends on the tyres. We have a great car and if the tyres work then we look good, if they don’t then we don’t.”

It is the same fun that one gets while running all over the places, up & down, left & right inside a car where you can’t move your ass if you want to scratch it. But then, who is complaining ?

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