Flav gives Michelin new wake up call

Posted: August 1, 2006 by Neeraj in Bridgestone, Drivers, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Flavio Briatore, Formula-One, Hockenheim, Michelin, RaceTracks, Renault, Teams, Tyres

Flavio BriatoreAs reported on HomeofSport

Flavio Briatore pointed the finger squarely at Renault’s tyre supplier after championship leader Fernando Alonso failed to finish higher than fifth at Hockenheim. For the third grand prix in succession, the French team was beaten by the Bridgestone-shod Ferrari package in Germany, following Renault principal Briatore’s earlier insistence that Michelin should ‘wake up’.

“Today everyone could see that we had blisters on the tyres,” Briatore told German television, after reportedly instructing mechanics to lay the damaged Michelins at the rear of the pits for all – including the media – to see. The Italian chief continued: “With a problem like that you can hardly drive the car. The Michelins must function, or you have nothing.”

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  1. Taker says:

    Its easy for Flavio to blame Michelin for their failure to win the last 3 races. but it must be remembered that Michelin played a big role in their wins both this year and last. It is more of Bridgestone catching up and getting past Michelin than Michelin losing it in my opinion. That is no way to treat your partner who has been a big part of your success in the past. I remember last year Ferrari struggled a lot with Bridgestones but they didnt protest in the way Flav has done although they used to say that the tyres needed to be better.

  2. Taker says:

    And i forgot to mention that Honda and Mclaren were on Michelins and they finished ahead of the Renaults. This is more a case of the Renaults being caught by the other teams in the development race.

  3. Neeraj says:

    Taker, I also believe that since Renault didn’t used their controversial Mass Dampers, that hit them much hard regarding tyre performance. And also as you said, other teams had caughtup in their respective car development. Maybe Renault got a little bit too carried away with their continous successes and didn’t paid too much attention towards the car development pace [compared to other teams].

  4. Taker says:

    Renault werent the only team using the dampers , although Renault developed it . 7 other teams including Ferrari were using it. but i can understand Renault wud be the most effected. but that is no excuse coz, earlier Ferrair were also made to change the design of their wings and they dont seem to have lost much after changing those wings during the Canadian GP. Personally, i feel Renault’s problems at the german GP were more down to wrong setup and tyre choice than the dampers. I heard Renault selected a completely different tyre spec to the rest of the Michelin teams

  5. HAKKINEN!!! says:

    All I know is that Bulltardo Alpaca is a giant dildo with a mullet, even if he is world champ.

  6. Flavio is a sex fiend, end of story.

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