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Question: When you are one of the best F1 drivers, how do you mess your chances of a podium-finish ?

A. When in hurry, take aerial route, even if that include jumping over other cars !
B. Pit crew leave a “nut” or two loose, in case the tyre reach the finish line before you !
C. Knowing your tyres are messed up, you try to fight with cars that are 5-6 seconds faster than your car !
D. You start from middle of the grid & run a smooth & trouble free race, waiting for others to choose one/all-of-the-above options !!

I really was hoping to see a wet-and-wild race weekend this calendar, given all the excitement that is associated with such race. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From sheer stupidity to sheer calmness, from aerial routes to tyre-wall kissing and not to forget the amazing “nut-effect” !!

Jenson ButtonTaking nothing away from Jenson Button, Pedro De la Rosa & Nick Heidfeld and the good drive all of them had. For the first time I felt that Jenson truly deserved the win, given his sensible and calm driving, good team works at pit stops & the performances by Michelin.

But for me, I’ll remember the weekend more because of stupidity of Michael Schumacher and the failure of Bridgestones Hard-Wet Weather tyres, also the Kimi Raikkonen’s aerial route escapade and Fernando Alonso’s “nut-effect”. Although Renault said that Alonso faced drive-shaft failure, but TV replay’s showed front & rear right-hand-side wheel nuts deciding to move away from the car.

And I have 3 weeks to get over it before the F1 bandwagon moves to Turkey, Istanbul.

Oh! and as for the multiple choice question, I’ll take option D anyday, like any sensible driver.

Off topic, I am still waiting for my new hardware I mentioned thanks to Heavy Rains [oh! the irony, it rained in Hungary & it in Mumbai]. Hoping to get it in a day or two whenever rains subsides. So the “special something” will now have to wait till next race weekend.

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  1. Taker says:

    It was a weird weekend. it was a race of seesawing fortunes. One moment i was elated , only to come down with a thud the next moment. The start that MS had raised my hopes only to see that his wet tyres werent performing well and all others were on inters. Then when the track began to dry and he started putting in fast laps, i was like WOW , here he comes again. Then when FA stopped, Im ashamed to admit but I was almost dancing. And I thought MS was going to take second. I was counting the points already. But alas, it was not to be. Although in hindsight , it is easy to blame MS and Ferrari for not pitting for dries, I think we cannot blame MS for trying to gain as many points as possible from the race. He was only trying to defend his position but his tyres were too worn out to last. All in all , a very good entertaining race and a Great drive from Alonso till his car failed him.

  2. sap says:

    I am very upset to see what of Michael Schumacher character after the Hungarian race. It clearly reflects his true color and action of too much pride and arrogance.

    He showed lowest pride by letting the required ” strategy element” required in all races by all teams to be withold as reflected when he did not finished the race. As such act of arrogance of his character when he said that he realized there was a problem from the last pit stop. What an excuse to make!!!

    In this instance, I have observed and now believe that Todt, the team boss has no B…. to speak up and advise direction in terms of decision. Even the Commentators of the race are better off than Todt to state that Ferrari Team need to make a decision after Alonso’s is out and that Michael’s tyres, position, etc… Todt, I think you should be sacked after what you have said after the race, it’s not all the time F1 drivers to be sacked or replaced !
    Remember, my support and many others are starting to question whether to trust you of what you said and do as a true champion!!! I have no doubts anytime for Alonso and Kimi. Perhaps michael, to come to think you just got the best car all these years but not the character and right spirits of Kimi and Alonso…. and past champions.

  3. Greg says:

    Hello all from Baton Rouge La. ;
    zxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzI am hoping you all can help us PLEASE . It seams like after 16 years we did not record the Hungary F-1 . It plays really early here . We have not missed one in 16 years. It looks like we missed the best race in years. we are hoping some one can hook us up , PLEASE HELP
    Thanks a bunch Greg

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