‘The Day He Hangs Up His Helmet People Will Just Forget Him’

Posted: August 17, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Formula-One, Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher

Jacques VilleneuveAs reported on FeedMeF1

French-Canadian Villeneuve, 35, said: “I think the day he hangs up his helmet people will just forget him.” …. Villeneuve and Schumacher’s acrimony dates back to 1997, where at Jerez they collided at the climax of their championship duel. “Michael simply isn’t a great champion,” Jacques continued, “because he’s played too many dirty tricks and because he isn’t a great human being.” …. “He thinks he’s bigger than the sport, and when he retires, and no one really remembers him, that will become clear.”

Trying to be in limelight JV? We know you have decided to concentrate on your singing career [well, F1 career had already sulked years ago], so it seems you are practicing the word play! Hey, why don’t you write a song about Michael Schumacher and your “differences”, you might get some publicity out of that.

Hey, what did you said ??? “The Day He Hangs Up His Helmet” … not asked to hang up his helmet like someone [or shown the door as some would put it] !! We have nothing against you JV, but you really should learn to keep your mouth shut, except when you are singing.

DISCLAIMER: We had not heard JV singing, nor have any intention of doing so. If you feel infuriated/hurt by us asking to keep his mouth shut except when he is singing, then let us know and we will gladly take our word back and publish an update for the same. But until then, we would like to give benefit-of-doubt to JV as far as his singing goes.

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  1. jds says:

    Those are kind of low blows with respect to his extra-cirricular activities (his music) – its kind of irrelevant. Personally, I’m pleased to get this unsanitized view inside of F1 circles. After all, I think JV is just saying what a lot of the others are thinking. And to get some juicy details of how that GPDA meeting went, wow. Schumacher just stared at the rest of them angrily without admitting any wrongdoing. An JV is right, whether you like what he’s saying or not. Michael HAS played a lot of dirty tricks in his F1 career and he has never owned up to them.

  2. Neeraj says:

    @jds, we never wrote anything about Michael being a good boy. We know he have his hand dirty a few times. What we don’t agree is every Tom-Dick-and-Harry being vocal about any and everything. People should look at their credentials before making such statements.

  3. Haas says:

    In defense of JV, he has one a world champoinship (that is one more than 100s of other F1 drivers) and that automatically gives him a right to talk about other world champions.

    What he said was clearly his opinion and he made it clear. Frankly I feel its better to let out your anger and frustrutaion in front of mike than on the track…

    I think you should hv just disagreed with his opinion than question if he could say something like that, he has every right to do so.

    PS: Michael has every right to respond back and tell him to shut up when he is not singing. Just not sure if anyone else (not even a die hard schumi fan) can do so.

  4. steve.zissou says:

    When did speaking your mind and being truthful (stating your honest views) become shameful? ffs, the interviewer ASKED him the questions, he didn’t call a press conference to blast micheal.

    You like living in a world full of sanitized PR crap?

  5. Taker says:

    hehe. Im surprised people think JV is being honest here. Im surprised how people cant see how bitter JV sounds when he says ‘People will forget Michael the day he hangs his helmet’ . That statement alone shows how much he is prejudiced. It also takes away the credibilty in whatever valid points he raised about michael. Dont get me wrong, I respect JV as a driver but this interview just seems like he is bitter coz BMW offered Michael a drive for a huge amount while he was kicked out . And maybe he wants to sign off with a bang. Afterall I dont think many people would be asking about JV this time next year. So enjoy your time in the sunshine JV.

  6. jds says:

    @Taker – I think you’re dead on, I agree that JV is bitter. However – I don’t think what he’s saying is dishonest. I just think the fact that he’s basically being shown the exit door from F1 is giving him the freedom to spew… he had to hold his tongue before. He’s definitely done in F1, and its probably for the better. There is a lot of new blood coming up that needs a chance (look out DC).

  7. Neeraj says:

    @jds I agree with you, but we never said anything about JV being dishonest. There are always ways of pointing out that you are not happy about something other than being completely bitter about it.

    We all know that what Michael did was wrong, that is if he indeed stopped in Monaco purposely. But then he was given the punishment for his act.

    Many times when people talk too much, the credibility of what they are saying goes down. Which we believe is very much the case with JV.

  8. Schumacher is a great driver, but a total jackass as a human being. My guess? He takes it in the ass…

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