No Ferrari, but Barrichello expecting support

Posted: September 3, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Honda, Monza, RaceTracks, Rubens Barrichello, Teams

Rubens Barrichello.pngAs reported on

He may be racing in different colours this year, but Rubens Barrichello is still anticipating plenty of support at Monza and the Italian Grand Prix, with the Brazilian eager to recreate past form.

“Monza has always been a very special event for me and I still have a lot of Italian fans who write to me with their support, so it’s a weekend that I always really enjoy,” he said. “I have actually won twice at Monza in 2004 and 2002 which are some of my favourite memories in Formula One.”

“It’s a unique circuit and easily the fastest in the F1 calendar in terms of speed. You have to get the braking right and obviously the traction and the power of the engine are important too. We had a good test this week in preparation for the race, focusing mainly on tyre choice and car set-up for the lower levels of downforce that you need here, so we look forward to another good race next weekend.”

Wishing you all the best Reubens. We know you have the capability but we have sincere doubts about the car you are driving 🙂

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