Kimi RaikkonenIt’s Kimi Raikkonen folks !! The Iceman will be starting from the pole position tomorrow and alongside him will be Michael Schumacher, followed by Nick Heidfeld driving a resurgent BMW-Sauber.

In summary, there were dramas galore, with 2 major tyres failure. First on happened during first qualifying run when Sakon Yamamoto’s Bridgestone gave away bring everything to a halt for 5 mins. The Marshals have to walk down the circuit to remove the tyre debris and the blowers were used to remove the aerodynamic pieces.

The second failure was of Alonso during the third qualifying run, when his right-rear tyre got puctured and he had to limped back to pitlane for change of tyres. As a result he ended at 5th position behind Felipe Massa in 4th.

So everything is set for making tomorrow’s race a nail-biting one !! For official timmings, visit the the Official Formula 1 Website.

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  1. And now that Alonso has been moved to 10th it is going to be an incredibly important race.

  2. Neeraj says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Michael, otherwise we would have missed it by a mile 🙂

    And yes, Alonso’s penalty does make it very important race, both for him and Schumi. And very interesting too.

  3. Stephen Green says:

    Why does this mean that the Monza race is very important. It has been obvious for weeks that the FIA have been out to penalise Renault at every oppportuniy by change rules mid season which just happened to co-incide with a 6 week ban on testing. Have he FIA conspired to ensure Schumi leaves the sport on a high?

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