Alonso loses 5 grid positions

Posted: September 10, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Formula-One, Monza, RaceTracks, Renault, Teams

Fernando AlonsoAs reported on

the Spaniard [Fernando Alonso] was summoned to appear before the race stewards at Monza, after Ferrari’s Felipe Massa claimed the Renault driver had blocked him in the final phase of qualifying.

“In Q3 on my last run, I came up behind Alonso who was also setting out on his quick lap,” said the Brazilian. “I lost at least three tenths! It’s a shame, because I felt capable of putting it on the front row. Fourth place is not so bad,” he added, “but it’s a shame I was unable to exploit the full potential available to me.

Having viewed video evidence and spoken to both drivers, the race stewards ruled that Alonso did impede Massa … Although they agreed that Alonso’s actions might not have been deliberate, they ruled that the World Champion should have his 3 best laps from the final phase of qualifying deleted, which dropped him to tenth on the grid

WOW!! Things are becoming more and more interesting, what a Race Weekend this is going to be. And thanks to Michael Roberts for bringing this “event” to our notice !! Funny enough, the Official Formula 1 website is still showing the old results neither there are any intimation regarding this on the website.

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  1. No way did Alonso block Massa, form the video it is very clear that alonso was well ahead. Check out

  2. Taker says:

    I think it was a stupid decision by the stewards coz Massa seemed very far from Alonso for the whole lap. But maybe they had access to more information than me , so i cant comment on that. but in the end, it didnt matter coz alonso’s engine blew big time. By the way, now that it is official , i feel sad that Schumi would be racing no more next year :(.

  3. Taker says:

    oops i meant schumi wouldnt be racing there 😀

  4. Neeraj says:

    Yes .. the verdict did seemed a little dubious. But saying it was “Ferrari-Favoritism” won’t be logical either, since race stewards are from all around the globe and not only Italy.

    Alonso indeed drove very aggressively to reach the 3rd position before his engine gave away. And it’s indeed “Goodbye Michael” from Monza.

  5. Jet says:

    After watching the video given by Anand, the penalty meted out to Alonso leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. Its sad to see an international sport being handled, or more to the point mishandled, this way. In my opinion Massa, Ferrari and FIA have brought disrepute onto themselves. Whether Alonso won or lost or his engine blew is irrelevant here. What matters is the integrity of the officials and the organisation that runs the sport. If this continues, then its bye bye to Schumi and the FIA.

  6. Pedro Romero says:

    Despues de 3 carreras viendo las artimañas que hacen tanto de Ferrari como de la FIA por hacer que gane Michel, esta visto que esto ya no es pilotar coches ha altas velocidades y ganar, hay que tener muy buenos padrinos en la FIA,COMISARIOS y altos buelos para conquistar lo deseado, espero que toda esta gentuza desaparezca y mucha culpa de esto la tiene ECLESTONE pues esta muy calladito sebe que tiene todos los hilos muy bien atados.
    Todo son unos mendrugos.

    After 3 races seeing the ruses that do so much of Ferrari as of ENTRUST it to cause that Michel wins, this sight who this no longer is to pilot cars are high speeds and to win, is necessary to have very good padrinos in IT TRUSTS, COMMISSIONERS and buelos stops to conquer the wished thing, I hope that all this gentuza disappears and much fault of this has very calladito ECLESTONE then this sebe that has all very well tied threads. Everything is mendrugos.

    Rough translation of what Pedro wrote [via Google-Translate]

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