Alonso’s keen to spoil Schu’s retirement party

Posted: September 12, 2006 by Neeraj in Engines, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Formula-One, Michael Schumacher, Monza, RaceTracks, Renault, Teams

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Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso said: “I think we should be very optimistic. We were very, very quick in the last two races, as quick as Ferrari or even more so. So in the last three races we should be the favourites. I think we have been quick. The car is improving a lot, it is getting really, really competitive. We are 110% that we will do it, that is what is going to happen.”

[Regarding engine failure]“We tried not to lose too many points but we had to push the engine a bit more. It is much more difficult. These things happen to everyone – we had the engine failure, we had the tyre failure in Hungary. They were not in the right moment but maybe this can happen to Ferrari in the last two races and we can be happy again. We have to concentrate and do our job.”

Michael Schumacher

“Now I would like to concentrate on these last three races and finish in style, hopefully with the championship,” Michael Schumacher said. “I really look forward to it. I don’t think the pressure is going to be high,” he added. “What is most important is the championship. I will focus everything on that, which means not getting into this subject [retirement] again. I am not going to talk about this any more.”

Way to go guys !! We are sure we will get to see a very exciting end-of season on the racetracks [not in the media room], and we are genuinely looking forward to it.

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  1. Haas says:

    I hope there are no penalties or off track drama in the remaining races… It has already spolit most of what is a memorable season, any more such drama and it will leave a really bad taste in the mouth for both the drivers.

    Crossing my fingers for a clean last 3 races 🙂

  2. Neeraj says:

    I completely agree with you Haas. The off-track spoils are getting more media coverage now compared to ontrack achievements.

  3. El Peligroso says:

    Alonso, Alonso, Alonso…. to think that a champion can become such a cry-baby over a penalty. Whether justified (by him/Flavio) or not the FIA makes the decision, that’s just the way it is. Schummie got sent to the back of the grid in Monaco for his grievance – took it on the chin and went on to score some points.

    I’ll go further and say that Alonso was VERY lucky not to have had another penalty against him when he outbraked himself into turn 1 at Monza, missed the corner and gained a place on Heidfeld. I don’t hear too much mention of this incident by Renault.

    Either way Alonso’s engine would have blown up 9 laps from the end anyway!

  4. Hasan says:

    True… Alonso was very lucky with the stewards not penalizing him for the incident tht El Peligroso pointed out. i actually think both teams are playing a game of telling each other off. Massa complained about Alonso’s interference in qualifying at monza (i think).

  5. James says:

    This is without a doubt no longer a sport. This is more political BS than Washington D.C! You bring up many good points El Peligroso lets discuss.

    1. Monoco – Unless your brainwashed by red that stunt was completely deliberate. You can see he had complete control of his car the entire time. If he were smart he would have say fucked the nose up and actually looked like he screwed up and hit the wall. Hits wall, new nose, same time = pole. Nobody would have suspected anything. BTW don’t tell me this wasn’t intentional. Have you seen his rap sheet on the amount of cheap shots hes pulled in his career. Let just say its extensive!

    2. The Penalty – This is certainly a new one for me. So let me just verify everything first. Alonso gets fresh rubber comes out pit exit with less than 2 minutes left. Massa comes onto the front stretch Alonso is by this time out ahead of him by over 100 meters! For the rest of the lap Alonso is pushing his ass off to make time since its close to the end and this will be his 2nd to last lap, if not his last. The entire lap he never gets to within a car length! Read that last sentence again (and again and again.) After qualy Massa says he was blocked. Now again this is political. Everyone in this sport knows damn well that if Pedro De La Rosa told the FIA that Alonso blocked him by over 100 meters to help Kimi out if he were in a contention to win the championship that they would laugh in his face. It is completely evident whats happening. Especially with Massa quoting “I’ll do anything as a Ferrari driver to help Michael win the championship” If I were Kimi I would tell Ferrari HELL NO to next year. Why be part of team thats in the back pocket of the FIA and not equal to the rest.

    3. Engine Failure – Finally its not hard to figure out. If Alonso started where he normally does anywhere from pole -6th he would have put a lot let stress off the engine. He didn’t have to fight like hell from the middle of the pack, which yes does put a tremendous amount of more stress on the engine. Telemetry even shows had he started 5th and had a normal race pace, just concentrating on the podium it would have lasted. As for his cutting the chicane well Schumi cut two people the previous race so if you going to let him pull that shit don’t even think about coming after anyone else. Might as well take it out of the rule book since obviously no ones doing anything about it.

    All in all this will be my last season as a Formula 1 viewer. This is worse than what NASCAR pulls with all their rule change BS when anyone has to much success. Its sad its come to this it really is. However, F1 is going down the shitter in a matter of years. Spec engines and chassis, single tyre suppliers. Hell thats never what F1 was about and if I wanted a spec series I would watch the horrible IRL or any of the hundred other spec series out there.

    God have mercy on the sport, or as Alonso put it best: “This is no longer a sport.”

  6. Taker says:

    To james:

    although i agree with most of your points, I have to say a few things about some of the things you said in your post.

    1) Monaco: I believe Michael did it deliberately and only the most loyal of his fans would think otherwise. But you say that he should have damaged his car inorder for it to look genuine. On the other hand , your point could be used as an argument that it could have been a mistake. Just coz he didnt crash doesnt mean he did it deliberately, although in this case, i think it was deliberate.

    2) The Penalty : This was certainly one of the silliest penalties that I have ever seen in many years. Ferrari complained abt them which Im sure they are entitled to. It was the mistake of the stewards that they found Alonso guilty. But then, maybe they found something in the data supplied by Ferrari or maybe they were just plain boased towards Ferrari. But you have to note that only 1 of the stewards was Italian and another Steward is a permanent steward (meaning he was also part of the stewards who punished Michael at Monaco and Hungary ). In my opinion, this was the only unfair penalty that Alonso got the entire season. Although he has reason to be unhappy, saying that F-1 isnt a sport anymore is loser like.

    3) Engine Failure: This is the most funniest part of your post. Saying Alonso blew up his engine coz he was pushing hard is like pushing reality in my opinion. So, even if he was pushing his engine to the maximum, his lap times were no where near the lap times of the leaders. And he was stuck behind other cars for most of his race and I didnt see him pushing too hard. I dont remember seeing him overtake anyone after the early laps other than on pit stops. Besides, I saw Michael race from last to 5th in Monaco without blowing his engines as I have seen Kimi coming from the back to be on the podium in many races. In addition to this, his engine was doing its first race. It was to last another race. That clearly shows that the engine had a flaw. Besides, Renault were racing a new spec engine in Alonso’s car in Monza , the same engine that had 3 failures in a single day when Fisi tested it in Jerez last week. So, I believe that the engine blew up. not coz it was pushed hard but coz it had a flaw. To blame the engine failure on the penalty is simply lame on part of Renault and Alonso.

    Finally, you say that this would be the last season you would be watching. If you find F-1 so disgusting, why wait till the end of the season, why not stop watching now? The same question to Alonso, if he doesnt think this is a sport, why keep racing? Surely no one is forcing him to stay. The fact is F-1 has always and will always be political. F-1 has been political since the days of Fangio (if you have any doubt, check the incident where Fangio’s teammate had to give up his car when Fangio’s car broke down in a race ) . Politics, cheating and wrong decisions have always been a part of F-1 long before Michael was even racing. SO I find it funny that people suddenly start finding faults with F-1 now, just coz Alonso had some decisions going against him.

  7. Haas says:

    In defence of Alonso… the statements he made was right after his engine blow out. Imagine you are walking back as other racers are on the track still… The media blew the whole issue out of proportion. Calling him a ‘cry baby’ or something shows only the naiveness and ignorance wrt to the subject.

    He was asked a question “Why did your engine blow?”
    He gave a logical explanation… here is a simple translation in baby talk for ppl who did not get it “We had tested the engine for the race distance and it was working fine… to be able to fight for the podium we decided to use higer revs for the race… we expected the engine to hold and it did not. If we hadnt we would hv finished the race. Considering the pace if we had started in 5th we would hv fought for the race win” period. Compare that to what he said and you will understand what he said.

    Im not his spokesman or manager but Im personally pissed off by the name calling, we all have to agree about one thing ‘None of us’ has enough info (doubt any one even heard that interview where he said it.) to make a fair decision on the isssue.

  8. Taker says:

    My point is that even if , as he says he was using higher revs, it didnt show in his lap times. If you look at his lap times, they were much slower than what Kimi and Michael were doing. So I dont see how he could have fought for the win even if he had started from 5th. I think even if he had started 5th, his engine would have blown up. And I didnt call ALonso a cry baby, if your post was directed at me :). I was replying to the post by James where he blamed Michael , Ferrari and FIA for killing the sport.
    By the way , Im not the spokesman of Ferrari or Michael, but was just pointing out things that I feel are logical.

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