Bridgestone, Conspiracy & Yoghurt

Posted: September 14, 2006 by Neeraj in Bridgestone, conspiracy, Ferrari, FIA, Formula-One, Michelin, Renault, Teams, Tyres

Bridgestone, Conspiracy, & YoghurtMichelin is concerned after looking at the image [in the right]. No, they are not concerned with Yoghurt being sold in F1 circuit, their concern is that Bridgestone is allegedly spraying some chemical on the tyres that Ferrari is using so that they can run longer. That’s what they came up with after looking at the image of Bridgestone employee wearing the protective gear & gas mask [not the yogurt].

Bridgestone’s reply was, all this protective gear is needed to shield the person from rubber particles when they do post-mortem on the tyres after they have completed the race distance. The FIA has said that there is nothing for anyone to be worry about [Though they denied to comment on the Yoghurt].

With so many conspiracy theories going around, this new one seems just that, a Theory. We have been reading so much about the conspiracy theories that we decided to let our imagination run like a wild horse. And we are able to come out with one of our own conspiracy theory, though it is still a work in progress [like all theories], but we are very sure [unlike Micheline & Renault] atleast we will put our theory in writing pretty soon. We decided to tell you in advance about this, because we want you to keep a pillow nearby in case you feel sleepy reading our theory tomorrow.

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  1. Haas says:

    spraying some chemical on the tyres that Ferrari is using so that they can run longer.

    Its actually a spray used to give better grip for one lap after which the layer shreds it self off. As per FIA rules the tyre compound must be of the same chemical structure right through out.

    Michelin hv currently accepted the explanation given but have their doubts as the tyre manufacturers hardly ever do the post-mortem at the race track!

    Im actually concerned for the engg eating the yogurt… if the clothes had been near any chemical/tyre debris… I would atleast switch before digging into a dessert 🙂

  2. Mike says:


    Do the rules regarding the compound extend to the whole tread area or are you allowed within the rules to have varying compounds across the tread area as long as it continues down to the casing?

  3. Neeraj says:

    Mike, though I don’t know the tyre rules in details, I think teams can develop a tyre with multiple compound as long as it’s part of the whole casing.

    But they are definitely not allowed to use any external compound on the tyres [as in spraying a chemical].

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