Michelin ‘optimistic’ about remaining races

Posted: September 18, 2006 by Neeraj in Formula-One, Indianapolis, Michelin, Monza, Qualifiers, RaceTracks, Renault, Teams, Tyres

MichelinAs reported on autosport.com

“Over recent weeks, we have been working very hard in a specific area: our tyres’ single-lap performance,” explained Michelin’s F1 director Nick Shorrock. “After Indianapolis, we noted that our cars were systematically 0.2 seconds slower in qualifying, which had particular consequences for Renault in terms of their ability to put their cars where they needed to, to make their strategies work.

“We were conscious of this problem, and worked through the summer to try and improve the situation. In Monza, we brought the widest range of tyres of the whole season, and they lived up to expectations.” Shorrock believes the qualifying gains are between 0.1 seconds and 0.3 seconds per lap – and that the improvement should be carried over to the final races of the season.

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