Bridgestone working on more excitement in F1

Posted: September 20, 2006 by Neeraj in Bridgestone, FIA, Formula-One, Tyres

Bridgestone TyresAs reported on

Bridgestone is currently going through various proposals with the FIA to keep the tyres as an interesting factor in the sport. One of the options could be to bring in a special tyre that teams could pick during the race and would only make the car go faster for a specific number of laps. The audience could see which driver would pick the special tyre as the tyre could carry a red label.

That’s interesting !! Why don’t they make it more interesting by labeling all the tyres with all the available colors and asking the teams to pick all 4 tyres of random colors [thus confirming the “circus” status of F1 racing] !!

On the other hand, if coupled with “Power Boost” mechanism FIA has been asked to consider, would make things really interesting !

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