Bridgestone Bringing New Wet Tire to Japan

Posted: October 2, 2006 by Neeraj in Bridgestone, Drivers, Ferrari, Formula-One, Michael Schumacher, Michelin, RaceTracks, Shanghai, Suzuka, Teams, Tyres

Bridgestone TyresAs reported on FeedMeF1

Bridgestone has decided to bring a different specification of rain tyre to this weekend’s Japanese grand prix after French rival Michelin proved the class in the wet in Shanghai. The F1 circus is presently on a frantic four-day jump from Shanghai to Suzuka, but it is understood that – in response to Bridgestone’s qualifying nightmare – the company has ordered shipment of an unscheduled specification of rain tyre to Japan.

Undoubtedly Bridgestone was ages behind Michelin in regards of wet weather tyres in Shanghai. And I’m sure they must had a good “session” with all the teams [specially Ferrari & Michael] regarding the same. And Ferrari & Michael can’t rely on another “push-by-fate” in remaining 2 races if they really want to win both championships.

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