Renault don’t want me to win UPDATE

Posted: October 3, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Fernando Alonso, Formula-One, RaceTracks, Renault, Shanghai, Teams

Fernando AlonsoAs reported on SportingLife

Fernando Alonso has sensationally accused Renault of sabotaging his title campaign by making intentional errors during the Chinese Grand Prix.

“They wanted us to finish second and third because they do not want me to take the number ‘one’ to a different team,” Fernando Alonso told Spanish newspaper AS. “They are not helping me as much as they could. Some [at Renault] are happy because we went past Ferrari in the team battle,” he said.

And we are speechless !! We are not able to think straight !! Too many coincidences to be comfortable or just plain paranoid ?


….in a statement released on Tuesday night, Renault insisted all the team was fully committed to Alonso’s cause. “The team is 150 per cent behind Fernando in his battle for the championship and there is no question of our commitment flagging,” it read. “The points situation is so tight that to win the constructors’ championship you’ve got to be sure of winning the drivers’ championship and vice versa.”

Whom to believe and whom not ?

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  1. Ollie says:

    Whiney comes to mind. For sure Renault made silly errors in China, but for Alonso to sink as low as his boss did recently (accusing the FIA of rigging results in Ferrari’s favour) is poor form. I’m sure Renault will want the prestige of taking both titles, even if it will mean the ‘Number 1’ is stuck on a different car. I’m sure Frank Williams didn’t sabotage Hill’s campaign in 1996 to stop the ‘Number 1’ being emblazened on the Arrows the following year.
    I’m sure Alonso will take it all back if he wins in Japan!

  2. Haas says:

    I dont believe a word the Spanish media says. They are almost like a tabloid. They did it with Alonso’s ‘Zidane’ comment and then again spread rumors about Alonso being banned from testing.

    Well frankly there is a lot to get for Renault by having the WDC and WCC this year and despite No.1 being on their car this year or next it makes a little effect. I think Ron Dennis must be motivated to see Alonso win actually that is sure possiblility.

  3. Taker says:

    Haas, I suggest you check formula1 s official site and the official press conference. he repeated those allegations again. He said that Fisi shouldnt have overtaken him during the last race and that he felt alone sometimes on the track.
    Whiner is an understatement to describe him but ill desist from saying anymore.

  4. The Commish says:

    Alonso and Renault were made for each other . . . sore losers. Alonso walking off from the cooling cars, failing to congratulate the winner (and even Fisichella following like his puppy); Alonso standing at the podium like the “frog that ate the poison bug” as the anthems were played; Alonso dropping the champaign bottle to the asphalt so indifferently to his team members, then just walking off . . . it just gets better and better, folks. I care so little about Alonso at this point. He makes even Nascar racers look interesting to the fans. Always will be a trouble-maker whereever Alonso goes . . things just aren’t going good enough for him . . ever. Whaaa. Whaaa. Gooo, Schumy!! Gooo, Ferrari !! Gooo, FIA!!

  5. Magg says:

    Have to agree with Commish 100%, and all bitter statements by Renault and Alonso in recent months are a load of trash. You cannot claim the title at halftime; the rest of the game counts just as much, however it went in the 1st half it can go the other way in the 2nd half. Alonso calling Schumacher unsportsmanlike is amusing; maybe he should read his own print or watch Fisi run MS off the track with that illegal sudden block. Renault will be relieved to see Alonso go, and McLaren should order a big case of aspirin right away. If I were Fisi, now I’d try to beat Alonso instead of blocking for him.

  6. Neeraj says:

    Yes Taker, Alonso even questioned Fisichella for overtaking him in Shanghai giving example of Ferrari !!! That was really really lame.

    Renault will be relieved to see Alonso go, and McLaren should order a big case of aspirin right away.

    And I guess Kimi would be smiling his way to Ferrari Magg, for finally getting away from a team which has a “good record” of not performing in fist half of the season and having the pace but hardly finishing in the second half 🙂

    It would be interesting to see Alsono’s reactions next year when he will spend half season sitting in pits while Kimi takes the podiums [hopefully].

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