Ralf backs brother to title

Posted: October 5, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Formula-One, McLaren Mercedes, Michael Schumacher, RaceTracks, Ralf Schumacher, Renault, Shanghai, Teams, Toyota

Ralf Schumacher.pngAs reported on autosport.com

“Michael has the chance – he knows it,” Ralf told Reuters before Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix. “He missed it last year, and he’s desperate to win the title this year. From a package point of view, you have to say Ferrari are clearly stronger and Michael will be very focused. It would be the perfect way of saying goodbye to everybody.”

Ralf also said Alonso’s reported comments in China last week, complaining there were people at Renault who did not want him to win, could hurt the Spaniard’s chances of retaining the title. “I think with Fernando leaving Renault (for McLaren) and there being some trouble with them fighting with each other a bit in the team as it seems, I clearly see Michael having the upper hand,” said the Toyota driver.

And the brotherly love prevailed at last [pun intended].

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