Alonso wins, Game On for Renault

Posted: October 8, 2006 by Neeraj in Drivers, Engines, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Giancarlo Fisichella, Interlagos, Michael Schumacher, RaceTracks, Renault, Suzuka, Teams

Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso couldn’t have been happier, Felipe Massa couldn’t have looked more grin grim & Giancarlo Fisichella couldn’t have looked more tired a tearful Giancarlo Fisichella who came to know that he has lost a very dear friend. That are the top 3 finishers of Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. And Michael Schumacher was left with a blown engine after leading from Alonso for almost 2/3rd of the race.

With this win, Drivers Championship is almost sealed with Alonso, all he has to do is get just 1 more point at Interlagos. And even Renault scored very important 16 points in Constructor’s Championship, leading Ferrari from 7 points.

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  1. Paul says:

    Did Massa look grin or grim? Alonso got lucky, that’s all. The most unlucky this year is McLaren Mercedes besides all the usual suspects like Minardi and Super Aguri. Can you believe they didn’t even get a win this year? Next year will be pretty interesting you can bet.

  2. […] Alonso wins, Game On for RenaultFernando Alonso couldn t have been happier, Felipe Massa couldn t have looked more grin & Giancarlo Fisichella couldn t have looked more tired. That are the top 3 finishers of Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. And Michael Schumacher was … […]

  3. Taker says:

    Fisi wasnt tired, he was crying. He had lost one of his closest friends today. That is the second time he lost someone on a race weekend and I think he was on the podium both times.
    And congrats to Alonso. After all the whining and everything, he did manage to win the championship afterall. It has been a great season and it is a bit of an anti climax to have ended like this.
    Anyway , it was great seeing Michael hug his mechanics and say thanx to them , instead of the way some other drivers do 😉

  4. Neeraj says:

    Massa looked grim .. thanks for pointing out the typo Paul. And yes Taker, even I came to know later on that Fisi was crying.

    Michael hugging all of his pit crew & technical members was a great sign, shows his involvement with the team and how much they all meant to him.

  5. Haas says:

    Small correction Renault leads Ferrari by 9 points not 7.

    It was really heart breaking the whole engine blow out in the end. Even as an Alonso fan I wanted the championship to be decided on the track and It would have been very intresting to have been 2 point apart in Brazil.

    About the response by Michael and his mechanics… I think the feeling of Michael leaving has finally sunk in and its really nice to see the emotional side of Ferrari which almost never happens in front of cameras.

    Wrt to the whole differences inside Renault contreversy, I never believed what the (online and offline) press reported about Alonso’s comments. The reaction at the end of the race by the Renault F1 team spoke volumes about the whole thing being misinterpreted.

    All in all we can expect Brazil to be the race of the year for many reasons. 3 top drivers will drive thier last race for teams they have spent over 5 years with. 2 teams neck to neck in the constructors. World Championship still to be decided

  6. Devonchap says:

    As I watched Schumacher’s engine blow up did anyone else feel he took a suspiciously long time to get his car off the racing line? Could he have thought if my car is leaving a trail of oil, I’ll leave it on the racing line so it will give Alonso a problem

  7. Neeraj says:

    Thanks for another correction Haas, I was way too devastated with the blown-engine to make these silly mistakes.

    @Devonchap, he was at a turn when the engine gave away, I don’t see any possibility of how he could have gone out of racing line at a corner ? I don’t think he took *that* long, in fact Alonso went past him in a jiffy.

  8. F1 Fan says:

    It’s not over yet. I am not saying that Schumacher can win it “FAIRLY”. Just look at Schumacher’s checkered past.
    I will never deny that he is one of the greatest F1 drivers of all times. However, that being said he has done some cheap things in the past and has even had the Championship taken from him. It is ironic that here is the greatest driver with more World Championships than anyone, but he is also the only driver to have a Championship taken from him (for breaking the rules).
    It obvious that FIA consitantly favors Ferrari and Schumacher does “What Ever It Takes” to win (including some very cheap stunts). The list is long, to long for someone of his caliber.

    Ever year it becomes the same old FIA a$$ kiss Ferrari, Schumacher doing several stupid things to win, the FIA looking the other way, etc.

    I love F1, I really like watching Schumacher race, but the said truth is that F1 maybe better with out Schumacher (and hopefully all the FIA high-jinks gone too).

    So, to get to my point. Schumacher has in the past pulled off some crazy stunts of running into people, running them off the road, or having a team mate do his work for him.

    What are the odds that Schumacher takes out Alonso (himself or Massa) or something happens? (I would say higher than if it were someone else)

    He has pulled crazy sh*t in the past:
    Remember: Schumacher running Hill off the road to claim the World Championship in the last race.
    Remember Schumacher running into Villnevue (Schumacher has the World Championship taken away by being disquialified for his action)
    Remember Schumacher taking Senna out.
    Remember Baracello letting Schumacher pass him on the finish line to get the win and points (crowd boos Ferrari and Schumacher).
    Remember Schumacher blocking this year at Monaco.
    There is more – but you get the point.

    The sad thing is that he doesn’t have to cheat or do stupid things to win, he is the best. Everytime he does it though it just cheapens the sport and himself.

    He has done some crazy crap in the past and tack on all the advanatge treaments he gets from the FIA (and how they punish other teams that are threatening Ferrari) he is the advantage.

    The Soap Opera of F1 is not over yet.

    I love it (yes all the crap, politics, and stuff). It will be said to see him leave, but will make better racing.

  9. Neeraj says:

    F1 Fan, I very much agree with you that MSC does have a tainted past.

    But I really don’t think he will try to pull off anything like that in Interlagos, because Constructor Championship is at stake for Ferrari. Any foolish stunt to take out Alonso, will come with very high probability of him/Massa getting out with him.

    And as you said “if it were someone else” chances might have been higher, but not with Alonso.

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